Jesus and the Goddess – Tim Freke


Decoding the extraordinary myths of Jesus and the Goddess.

This exciting new work of groundbreaking scholarship from the authors of The Jesus Mysteries widens the debate on the relationship between Christianity and Paganism.

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Jesus and the Goddess

No strangers to controversy, Tim Freke and Peter Gandy decode the extraordinary myths of Jesus and the Goddess. They reveal startling new evidence of the profound relationship between the two. This unlocks the secret knowledge of Gnosis, or Christian mysticism. It also demonstrates the relevance of these teachings to us today.

Controversial statements such as ‘Christianity is Jewish Paganism’ are bound to cause a stir.

The Jesus Mysteries is not a prerequisite for Jesus and the Goddess. It is a fascinating read for all those interested in decoding religion, fans of ancient wisdom, Christians, Pagans, and those who are keen to take on the idea of the Goddess.

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