The Way of Egyptian Wisdom – Naomi Ozaniec


A comprehensive introductory guide to the mysterious world of the Ancient Egyptians, which combines fascinating historical evidence with guided meditations that revive the wisdom of this ancient civilization.

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The Way of Egyptian Wisdom

Egypt still exerts a powerful hold on the imagination. We are puzzled by Egypt’s many gods and mesmerized by the mysteries of Egyptian magic. We are awed by the magnificence of Ancient Egyptian culture.

Combining historical accuracy with esoteric insight, Naomi Ozaniec examines the background to the Egyptian tradition to reveal the secrets of this complex world of myth and spirituality. Through a series of guided meditations, we are connected to an ancient civilization whose wisdom has shaped our world.

This book explains:

The background to the pyramids.
• Egyptian spiritual beliefs.
• Egyptian Gods and Goddesses.
• The sacred significance of the hieroglyphs.
• Egyptian Kings and Queens.
• The relevance of Egyptian wisdom to the modern world.

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