Decolonising Theology – Noel Leo Erskine


Decolonising Theology is an enlightening and informative read for anyone interested in Christianity plays in the history of Black people.

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Decolonising Theology – Noel Leo Erskine


Originally published in 1998, Decolonising Theology by Noel Leo Erskine is a fascinating historical study of the complex nature of Afro-Christianity in the Caribbean and the American South. This study is an in-depth assessment of the Caribbean Church, Black Theology, Revivalism, and Rastafarianism.

Continuing in the tradition of Vincent Harding, Gayraud Wilmore, and James Cone, Erskine holds that Black Religion embodies visions of liberation that are secular as well as spiritual.

On the basis of his own experience and research, Professor Erskine chronicles the struggle of Black people for freedom against bondage. For justice against oppression, for identity against anonymity, and for the full humanity of all persons and communities.

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