Christianity, Islam and the Negro Race – Edward Wilmot Blyden


An essential reading for anyone at all interested in Africa, Islam, Christianity and American/African American history.

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Christianity, Islam, and the Negro Race


A native of St. Thomas, West Indies, Edward Wilmot Blyden (1832-1912) lived most of his life on the African continent. He was an accomplished educator, linguist, writer, and world traveler, who strongly defended the unique character of Africa and its people. Christianity, Islam, and the Negro Race is an essential collection of his writings on race, culture, and the African Personality.

It is a scholarly exploration that takes readers on a journey through the historical and cultural forces that have shaped the religious identity of the Negro race. Edward Wilmot Blyden, a renowned scholar and pan-Africanist, presents a comprehensive analysis of the impact of Christianity and Islam on the African diaspora, drawing on historical events, religious doctrines, and sociopolitical contexts.

The Black Classis Press edition is a complete reproduction of the 1888 revised and corrected edition. It remains an important source for examining an early African-centered perspective on race, religion, and the socioeconomic development of Africa.

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