A Brief History of The Moors

In this talk Professor Kaba Kamene provides us with a great overview of the contribution that the Moors have made to the modern civilisation. 

“If you do not understand the Moors , it is very difficult for us as people to understand why we are in the position that we are in today.  You cannot understand why we are in the position we are in today if you don’t understand what happened in 1492. You cannot understand what happened in 1492 if you don’t understand the Crusades. You cannot understand the Crusades if you don’t understand the Moors.”

“All people are one people. Don’t lose sight of that. There’s only one people on this planet and because of climate we differentiate ourselves phenotypically or morphologically. That’s what happened to the human family”

“I am constantly awed at the fundamental, biological brilliance of our people. I have no problem understanding why they treat us this way”

“The Moors translated the works of the Greeks not knowing that they were translating the works of their own ancestors that the Greeks had misunderstood”

Books to learn more about the Moors

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