Ardent Analysis on with the Disease Called Racism

Dealing with the Disease Called Racism

In this brief presentation, Akala speaks about what he calls ‘everyday racism’ and the effects that the ever promoted concept that ‘white is right’, continues to have on society.

“Racism is a business”

“In a world of a whitened Jesus and Hollywood’s white saviour motif, the idea that white is right has taken root globally to the degree where skin bleaching has become a multi-billion dollar industry”

“According to the World Health Organisation, 40% of Chinese women bleach their skin and 77% of Nigerian Women. The world’s highest percentage”

“The system that sells racism is doing a fantastic job”

“We cannot let ourselves be bullied into silence for fear of playing the race card…, and while we must not conflate every act of prejudice with structural white supremacy, we must recognise the relationship between top-down propaganda and the bias that we carry.”

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