The Origin of African Traditional Religion and Influence on Western Religion

In this brief talk, Robin Walker presents some intriguing research on how western religions may have been influenced by African Traditional religion.

“For those of you that don’t know, ancient Egypt used to be black…..when people visit Egypt today and say they met some Egyptians, no you didn’t, you either met Arabs in Egypt or you met Turks in Egypt. And it’s not just Egypt, the whole of North Africa was conquered by Arabians and Turks in the Middle Ages. The starting date that the invaders moved into North Africa was December 639 AD. What that means is, is everything before that date is actually Black History.”

“The ancient Egyptians did a great deal to preserve the knowledge of the Gods and Goddesses of inner Africa. So some of the Gods and Goddesses that people assume are Egyptian,  such as the Goddess Ma’at, such as the God Osiris…these are actually deities that come from inner Africa…”

“The Egyptians put down a body of writing called the Pyramid Text and the Pyramid Text are carved on the inside of Pharaoh Unas’ pyramid…..with the Pyramid Text we have the world’s first scripture. This is the same document that evolves into the Coffin Text and then it eventually evolves into a document that was buried with people and because it was buried with people, it earned the nickname the Book of the Dead”

“Zeus is actually the ancient Egyptian/Sudanese deity Amen. The ancient Greek deity Athena is really the ancient Egyptian and Libyan deity Neith. The ancient Greek God Hercules is really the ancient Egyptian/Sudanese deity Khonsu…”

“Now most people think that Christianity is just a religion brought to Africa by slave traders. Now while that is true, there is a lot of slave trading history where Christianity was brought to Africa by slave traders, there is also an indiginous African history that is Christian.”

“One of the first Christian martyrs was a black woman called Felicitas….so when you hear of the Romans feeding Christians to the lions, simple question, which continent is lions please?…and not only that, the ruins of the Roman Amphitheatres are in Africa to this day?

“One of our great scholars is a gentleman, professor John Coleman De Graft-Johnson, who wrote a book called African Glory, and he has a whole section on the African church….

“I was doing some research and I came across an Islamic website and they were explaining who built Mecca….In 630 CE Mohammed’s army reconquered the city of Mecca….the reconstruction being carried out before Mohammad’s death in 632 CE by a shipwrecked Abyssinian carpenter in his native style!”

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