When We began There Were Witchmen


This is the history of the Meru people of Mount Kenya, based on their own traditions, from the earliest times through the colonial period. Many of these tales have been ritually passed down through no fewer than 19 generations; others were remembered by those personally involved.

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When We began There Were Witchmen


The author gathered them in interviews with more than 100 of the Meru’s oldest men and women. The traditions touch on every era of the Meru past. They include narrations, songs, chants and childhood riddles.

They tell of a mysterious origin, past enslavement, despairing flight, mountain warriorhood, British conquest, and the fight for freedom. The Meru elders speak of urogi, or witchcraft – the incantations rituals, and potions used to deal with the supernatural aspects of Meru life.

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