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The Black Muslims in America – C Eric Lincoln


Quite a comprehensive history of the black muslim movement, with a clear theory to explain the sociological and anthropological aspects.

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The Black Muslims in America – C Eric Lincoln


This new edition of  The Black Muslims in America details the formation and development of the Black Muslim movement through its wide-ranging expressions in America today, focusing especially on Louis Farrakhan’s movement as the true successor to the original Nation of Islam founded by Elijah Muhammad.

It delivers a very unbiased account of facts. C. Eric Lincoln’s scholarship gives you the information and allows you to draw conclusions based on the information provided, without interjecting his own opinion.

A century after the Emancipation Proclamation, we are still trying in our country to repair the moral ravages of slavery. Our progress is slow and sluggish. It is this sluggishness that has given rise to the melodramatic black music movement.

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