The Afro-American World Almanac


The Afro-American World Almanac, first published in 1943, when white publishers exhibited little interest in Black History, is Ross Brown’s effort to document Black achievements. More a notebook than an almanac, this work is a wonderful time capsule to the past, stuffed with well-known and little-known tidbits about Blacks.

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The Afro-American World Almanac

We find information on famous kings and queens of Africa, great people in the Holy Bible, and even information on the recently verified Thomas Jefferson/Sally Hemmings relationship. Often the events captured do not follow a chronological line and the documentation is at times sketchy–but they are fun to read anyway.

Brown has a way of blending the ancient with the modern. He, after all, makes no pretense about being a historian. Brown is a layman, and he compiled this mass of data for other lay people.

He wrote and published this book for the “reader on the street,” successfully conveying a sense of passion and urgency that are often boiled out of so called “scholarly” histories.

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