Black Power: The Politics of Liberation – Kwame Ture


‘Black Power: The Politics of Liberation’ remains a seminal work in the study of African-American history and political thought. It continues to inspire activists and scholars who seek to understand the complexities of racial politics in America.

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‘Black Power: The Politics of Liberation’

‘Black Power: The Politics of Liberation’ is a compelling exploration of a significant period in the history of African-American activism. Written by Kwame Ture (formerly Stokely Carmichael) and Charles V. Hamilton, this book delves into the ideological foundations and political strategies that underpin the Black Power movement.

The book offers a thorough analysis of Black Power as a political movement, emphasizing its role in advocating for self-determination, racial pride, and economic empowerment. It underscores the importance of developing independent institutions and fostering community control over local resources. The authors argue that true liberation can only be achieved when the African-American community gains control over its destiny.

Ture and Hamilton provide a detailed account of the strategies employed by the Black Power movement to achieve its goals. They discuss the importance of political education, grassroots organizing, and coalition-building. The book highlights the need for a unified front to challenge systemic racism and promote social justice. It also addresses the misconceptions and criticisms often levied against the movement, offering a robust defense of its principles and objectives.


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