Yurugu – Marimba Ani


In Yurugu, Marimba Ani provided a tool to lift the “veil” of reality that has been draped over our minds during the last 2 thousand years.

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Professor Marimba has certainly justified the over twenty years she took to research this book. A hundred years from today, Yurugu will still carry the freshness it has today. This unique book deserves to become required reading for everyone of any power or status in the modern world. This is a path-finding work of devastating originality and extraordinary academic range.

Marimba Ani conclusively shows the unspoken assumptions of Western cosmology and intellectual thought. It shows how the de-emotionalised rationality which – following Plato – it enshrines permeates every pore of thought, action, ideology, aesthetics and morality. It comprehensively explicates the social process that is the westernisation of the world.


Not only, however, is Yurugu a first-rate deconstruction of the western mindset – Marimba Ani shows with painstaking examples throughout history the inevitability of the current environmental degradation. As following directly from that mindset of rational assumptions, and shows the inevitability of environmental and human disaster unless a more emotional, spiritual means of existence is found.

Yurugu is a book that really must be read by everyone. White, black, brown and yellow. As a means to understand where we can possibly go from here. It has the key to the past, and the future. There is much here that makes very difficult reading, and is enough to make you despise much about yourself. However, without this beginning, any process of reconciliation and hope is impossible.

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