There can be no European Solutions to African Problems

In this talk by John Henrik Clarke, he explains why from politics to religion to economics, there can be no European solutions to African problems

“Every so called religion was meant to dominate and to control. The Arabs had no illusions about it. The Europeans had no illusions about it you were the ones with the illusions. And yet every element that went into the making of every major religion in the world started in Africa. Why is it that you are so naive, you let people redress something that you invented, sell it back to you and enslave you through it!”

“All organised present religions are male chauvinist, murder cults. And I say there is no exception.”

“The slave trade liberated Europe from the depressed economy they had created with the so called crusades and through the famines and the plagues. Europe always solves its problems by preying on people outside of Europe. They’re in a position right now, that they have betrayed true socialism, which was not of European origin in the first place. And some people are confused between Karl Marx and Groucho Marx.”

What we can tell from History is that European Solutions to any problem always seem to involve war, murder, oppression, abuse (whether of people or of nature) and an unquenchable thirst for power. It follows then that if we continue to use their systems and ideologies, we will never get results that are holistic or beneficial to all people.

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