Byron Allen on the Importance of Economic Inclusion

In this Interview, Byron Allen explains why the solution to the problems in the Black Community is Economic Inclusion

In this interview Byron Allen breaks down the root of the problems within the Black community. According to his expert analysis everything from the widespread violence, to the continued use of drugs. Even to the huge levels of poverty is a direct result of lack of economic inclusion.


The banks need to start giving loans to black owned companies. Furthermore corporations need to start spending their advertising budgets on black owned companies. Only then will the black community be able to make any progress. They will be doomed to stay in the cycle of poverty and violence that it is currently stuck in.

He expresses a cause for disappointment in what President Obama has managed to achieve. One shocking point he makes here is that under the Obama administration, most noteworthy, Black unemployment has gone up and Black home ownership has gone down.

Is Obama a success?

While every body may be getting caught up in the euphoria of the first Black president, it would appear that the reality is not so bright. President Obama is not really implementing any policies to really deal with the problems facing the Black community. Consequently, there appears to be no effort from his administration for the economic inclusion of Black people.

Of course, problems in America go far beyond the Black community. In America, half the women in the country live below the poverty line. Therefore many children will be growing up without access to a decent education which will result in the same cycle of violence and poverty as mentioned before.

Finally, at what point do we admit that maybe the system itself might be the problem? Yes we can keep making subtle changes to try and improve life for one set of people. Can we all truly get access to a decent standard of living within a capitalistic system?

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