Baba Zak Kondo Sheds Light on Malcolm X Assassination

Baba Zak Kondo Discusses some of the controversary surronunding the assassination of Malcolm X

In this lecture by Baba Zak Kondo, he sheds some light on the assassination of Malcolm X. First of all he explains in great detail the part the FBI played in bringing down Malcolm. There was a concerted effort by them to infiltrate the Nation of Islam and hence plant seeds of destruction


 Baba Zak Kondo is ruthless in his research and also his deliver of truth. The details of accounts of the assassination of Malcom X makes it seem like he was there. He indicates that it was a combination of activity from the FBI and the Nation of Islam that led to the events surrounding his killing. Malcolm X was not trying to be a problem to the Nation of Islam.

He questioned their on some disturbing news he had heard. News that paints him showing a lack of integrity. Malcolm was asked to leave the Nation because of this. Even armed with this information he did not embark on a mission to attack the Nation. Furthermore, he just wanted to carry on spreading a message of empowerment to Black people.

This is what makes it difficult to understand, furthermore, why the Nation took to trying to bring him down. Malcolm was in no way trying to be a threat to them

This lecture will certainly make you look at the Nation of Islam in a different light. There are a lot of things that you may now think twice about. Especially relevant is what progress have the Nation of Islam actually made in creating a Nation for Black people?

You can get more information on the assassination and continue your own research with Baba Zak Kondo’s Book Conspracys: Unravelling the Assassination of Malcolm X.

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