Time to Redefine African Politics

“So, when we talk about peace in Africa and we talk about adversarial politics. We are not talking about anything that is African. The political party is not African. It is something that we inherited.

“You know, in the United Kingdom they talk about the loyal opposition, loyal to the monarchy; because there is a process! Permit me to say at this stage that Africa deals with diversity much better than Europe. Much better.”

“If you look at your typical European nation, the Dutch is the Dutch, largely. The swedes are the Swedes, largely. The Norwegians are the Norwegians, largely. The Fins are the Fins, largely. And where they have many ethnicities, they don’t do very well. Ask the Spaniards if you doubt me.”

When you take the time to think about, much of what we have inherited and now consider to be ‘normal’, are simply ideas from someone else’s mind.

Somehow, many seem to be under a spell that prevents them from challenging these systems or creating something different. Ideas are not unique to any group of people. We can all have them and many may be worth exploring. I think we can all agree at this point in human history that the political systems we currently live with are not really fit for purpose and it might be time to put them aside and see what else we can come up with……well, what do you have?

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