Reasons the Star Spangled Banner Should not be honoured

Reasons the Star Spangled Banner Should not be honoured

The Star-spangled Banner is the American National Anthem. It was originally written as a poem by Francis Scott Key. Key was a slave-owner for many years and is known as saying that Africans are “a distinct and inferior race of people”.

This brief video looks at the history of the Harlem Hellfighters and how they were under-appreciated by the US because they were black, but they went on to have a major impact on the war fighting alongside the French army.

What we see here is an example of a nation that fails to honour the valour and courage of a soldier simply because they are black. This is not isolated in American History nor in its present-day behaviour.

Cultural Perspectives

In a nation as diverse as the United States, opinions on the significance of the flag vary widely. While for some, it represents unity and freedom, others view it through the lens of a painful history, marked by injustices. This cultural divide contributes to the ongoing debate over whether the Star-Spangled Banner should be revered.

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