The New Tribe – Buchi Emecheta


When an abandoned baby girl is adopted by the Reverend Arlington, a Nigerian woman living in England decides that the Arlingtons would provide the right Christian home for her own baby. But Chester is black, and his new life means a long search for his own identity.

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The New Tribe – Buchi Emecheta


Although a small book it manages to sweep through 25 years,two continents and the issues of identity and belonging effortlessly. It deals with the issue of belonging in terms of both adoption and racial identity when we meet Chester who is not only adopted but the only black child in a rural village setting.

Naturally as he grows up he begins to question his identity and this desire to find it is intensified when he encounters a black family which leads his to leave his adopted family and journey back to Africa to find his roots. Along the way the dream falls apart and he realises that going back to ones root does not always offer the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

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