The Book of Dawn and Invocations – Ogonna Agu


From the background of African traditions there appears to be much similarity between many indigenous African traditions and the civilisation of ancient Egypt. Much of Igbo traditions expressed somewhat similar views like those we find among the ancient Egyptians, the Igbo religious outlook deals mainly with the world of nature.

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The Book of Dawn and Invocations

The early morning ritual symbolised by the breaking of the kolanut is a reminder of the coming into being of the universe: iwa, to break, from which one has uwa, the created world. By the day breaking, we mean the light that broke out of darkness.

The philosophy contained in this book is thus extracted from the invocations and incantations as traditionally used by our masters in handling matters concerning cosmology and their application to dealing with everyday human problems. This is poetry, but like the ancient Kemites, it is a poetry of wisdom, sacred science and cosmic laws.

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