Ruby – Rosa Guy


When Ruby moves from the West Indies to the mean streets of Harlem, she finds a love that leads her through the painful transition from girl to woman.

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“Ruby is an intensely committed novel talking directly to teenagers . . . scared of what their loneliness may involve them in”

Ruby Cathy — Eighteen and desperately lonely,  she has adjusted from a life in the sun and blue seas of the West Indies to the mean, crowded streets of Harlem. Her mother is dead, and her father is obsessed with the American passion to succeed. Ruby makes the painful transition from girl to a woman when she meets the beautiful and bitter Daphne.

The main character of my book is a girl named Ruby. She came from the West Indies and moved to Harlem with her father and her sister. Ruby’s mother already had passed away. Ruby’s father was never really home he was always working. He was the type of man that was into success. Her sister was fairly quiet and to herself. Ruby was the one that held the family together.

She was kind of demanding at times but she had to be that way to make sure everything went right. Ruby was still in school. Even though Ruby had a sister she was very lonely. During school, she met a friend named Daphne. Ruby loved her ways and they became friends instantly. Daphne understood all her problems and Ruby was happy because she finally found someone that she can really relate to now.

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