Overcoming an Angry Vagina – Queen Afua


Excellent book for when you want to gradually change your lifestyle. The book encourages you to do what you are ready for. If you want to take care of yourself, this is a good book to read and follow.

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Overcoming An Angry Vagina is a self-help guide to empowerment. A timeline journey tracing the storm of womb damage around the globe, it offers the reader practical solutions to womb wellness. This book weaves Queen Afua’s three decades of experience as a holistic health therapist into the fabric of the human condition; especially regarding womb issues.

It reflects the challenging work Queen Afua delivers every day -providing strategies to rid ourselves of toxic stress and dis-ease, so we can realise and rebirth our purpose, mission and vision for a new lifestyle. Overcoming an Angry Vagina is for everyday people seeking salvation and satisfaction through transformational work. Whether you owna womb or have come from a womb this book will help you and your families discover a balanced lifestyle.

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