Monarchy and Colonialism

“I don’t even want to go back into slavery because a lot of people claim that Queen Elizabeth was not responsible for what her ancestors did. She herself said that slavery was legal at the time, so she doesn’t really recognise what we in the Caribbean are talking about.

Now, we have to realise that in 1952 that is when she ascended the throne of England and if you check the history between 1952 and now, you will see that even though slavery was abolished,” (it was basically replaced by colonialism). “And colonialism in this part of the world was represented by the throne of England. So we’re really talking now about an individual person, we’re talking about a corporation, an institution, which is called the monarchy of England, that has totally devastated a lot of the progress we could have made, if it wasn’t for, this what we call, colonialism, interpreted to us as slavery still”

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