Akala Oxford University Lecture on Black History

Akala Oxford University Lecture on Black History

In this lecture on Black History, Akala highlights the importance of using Black History month to explore more than just the African Slave trade and Martin Luther King Jr, and in a short space of time, he does an excellent job in planting seeds for further exploration in the contribution that the people of Africa have made to human history.

What is abundantly clear in modern society is that there is a deliberate attempt to cover up and belittle the intelligence and technological aptitude of the ancient Africans. It is important for the removal of racism from our society that this perspective is challenged with the evidence we have to show otherwise.

It’s not just about taking an Afro-centric view that Africans were the originators of everything but it is clear that a lot of ideas that are currently attributed to European scholars, existed in Africa before at an earlier date.

There is nothing better than your own research so I would encourage to take the content of this lecture on Black History and start finding out for yourself the importance of teh African contribution to modern society.

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