Achenyu Idachaba – Lesson in Turning a Problem into a Solution

Achenyu Idachaba says turning a Problem into a Solution could be as simple as changing the story

Changing the story is exactly what Achenyu Idachaba did. She converted the water hyacinth problem into a solution. She changed the story from ‘killer of mother and child’ to ‘provider of food for mother and child’.

Achenyo Idachaba is the head of MitiMeth. A Nigeria-based company that specialises in making handicrafts from aquatic weeds and other forms of agro-waste.

She left corporate America in 2009 to relocate to Nigeria and start a new chapter of her life as a social entrepreneur. She eventually founded a company called MitiMeth. MitiMeth creates eco-friendly handicrafts like home décor and personal accessories from weeds prevalent on Nigeria’s waterways. The company also conducts training workshops for locals on river handicraft product development.

Problem Into A Solution

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