Conspiracys: Unravelling the Assassination of Malcolm X – Baba Zak A. Kondo

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A must read for Malcolmologists. This book is quite possibly one of teh best books written on the life and the assassination of Malcolm X


Conspiracys: Unravelling the assassination of Malcolm X – Baba Zak A. Kondo

Every single assertion that Baba Zak A. Kondo makes in this book is footnoted to the point where the reader is free to go behind him to see where he obtained it. One does not have to necessarily agree with his interpretations and conclusions. One is free to formulate one’s own interpretations and conclusions. The book contains a total of 1265 footnotes. It is rare to see anyone go into a subject with such depth. A very comprehensive bibliography is also available for the diligent observer.

The icing on the cake of this book comes from the fact that every single possible angle of Malcolm’s assassination is covered. All done with a mind-blowing depth of analysis. One could say that he analyses the information with an intellect that is Malcolm-esque in nature. It seems only Malcolm himself could have been as brilliant in perusing and going through the information at the depth at which Baba Kondo does.

Complexity Simplified

His style is also similar to Malcolm’s in that the book is mind-numbingly lucid and clear. There is no possible space left for the reader to misunderstand what he is saying. That was also a special gift of Malcolm’s, the ability to express complex ideas in the simplest of language. Baba Kondo has that gift.

There may be future books coming down the pike on Malcolm X’s assassination. However, it’s difficult to imagine a book coming out about it that is more clear, comprehensive and that goes into the subject with more depth and quality of intelligence that this one does.

This book is more than a Herculean effort. It is the greatest testament to Baba Kondo’s respect for Malcolm X that he could ever come up with a book as special as this one, and it is a gift to all serious students of Malcolm’s life. The ultimate gift of scholarship.