The Afro-American World Almanac

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The Afro-American World Almanac, first published in 1943, when white publishers exhibited little interest in Black History, is Ross Brown's effort to document Black achievements. More a notebook than an almanac, this work is a wonderful time capsule to the past, stuffed with well-known and little-known tidbits about Blacks.

Product Description

We find information on famous kings and queens of Africa, great people in the Holy Bible, and even information on the recently verified Thomas Jefferson/Sally Hemmings relationship. Often the events captured do not follow a chronological line and the documentation is at times sketchy–but they are fun to read anyway. Brown has a way of blending the ancient with the modern. He, after all, makes no pretense about being a historian. Brown is a layman, and he compiled this mass of data for other lay people. He wrote and published this book for the “reader on the street,” successfully conveying a sense of passion and urgency that are often boiled out of so called “scholarly” histories.